The Formula for Success
Stop Bullying


The mission of Neutral Corner, Inc. is to combat bullying by building self-esteem, improving fitness and health, and improving mental agility through Non Contact boxing training and conditioning.

Goals & Objectives

Goals will be achieved through non-contact boxing training and conditioning: physical endurance training; shadow boxing; speed bag, heavy bag, and interval training.

Self Defense: program participants are educated on how to recognize and react to dangerous situations and to think clearly under duress.

School Achievement: program participants will achieve higher grades in school, graduate high school, and go on to college or trade school.

Goal Setting & Achievement: program participants will learn to set and achieve goals to overcome personal challenges.

Fitness & Nutrition: program participants will engage in physical endurance training and weekly nutrition challenges.

Outcomes and Results

All program participants will be required, upon entry into the program, to complete a comprehensive intake assessment. The components of the assessment include:

Behavioral: stress, nutrition, exercise, decision making, smoking, safety, sleep habits, use of recreational drugs and/or alcohol

Biometric Measures: blood pressure, body mass index/height and weight

Fit Test Measures: flexibility, endurance, and strength

Age/Gender screenings and immunizations required

The intake assessment provides baseline data for the participant and the overall program efficacy. Participants will complete a reassessment at various intervals throughout the program to demonstrate individual achievement/progress as well as program effectiveness.

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