The Formula for Success
Stop Bullying

Program Design

LHS girls lacrosse 2 days before winning their 12th straight Western Mass Championship

Neutral Corner inc. is about finding happiness and success. Learning about the "work to reward" relationship. It's about thinking positively and knowing that "there is no limit to what we can achieve"

A. An imbalance of power. Kids who bully use their power, such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity - to control or harm others. Power imbalances can change over time and in different settings, even if they involve the same people. 

B. Repetition. Bullying behaviors happen more than once or have the potential to happen more than once.


5 Week Program Overview

Week 1: Registration & Intake (pre-assessment)
            Individual Goal Setting Session (build self-efficacy)
            Introduction to training safety (hand wraps)
                Basic Offense

Week 2: Effective Offense/Proactive Focus
            Individual Goal check-in and goal setting for the week
            Warm-Up (discussion about healthy eating)
            Review Balance, Stance & Basic Offense
            Introduce the Heavy Bag to build
                Cardiovascular Conditioning
                Mental Focus

Week 3: Effective Defense/Thinking Clearly Under Duress
            Individual Goal check-in and goal setting for the week
            Warm-Up (continue discussion of good nutrition habits/healthy food choices)
            Review Balance, Stance, & Basic Offense
            Recognizing and Avoiding Dangerous Situations
            Physical Agility - Leveraging Lateral Movement to Navigate through challenging situations
            Slip and Parry Punches - develops the skill for moving safely out of the way and deflecting
            or blocking an incoming attack

Week 4:  Hand-Eye Coordination
             Individual Goal check-in and goal setting for the week
             Warm-Up (discussion about changes they have made in their food choices)
             Review Balance, Stance, & Basic Offense
             Body movement for building strength & power, speed & coordination             
            (introduction to the speed bag)

Week 5: Putting it All Together
            Individual Goal check-in and goal setting for moving forward
            Warm-Up (discussion about the work-reward relationship)
            Skill Review:
                Offense & Defense
                Strength & Cardiovascular Conditioning
                Physical Agility/Lateral movement
                Slip and Parry Punches
                Body movement for building strength and power, speed and coordination
                Certificate Ceremony

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